Wheels – An Important & Overlooked Part of The Perfect Gaming Chair

Wheels – An Important & Overlooked Part of The Perfect Gaming Chair

When an individual decides to get a gaming chair or any chair, as a matter of fact, wheels are often not a deciding factor. However, wheels are an essential and important part of a gaming chair. They play a significant role in the functionality and comfort of a gaming chair. In this article, I will be summarising the various characteristics of wheels you should look out for when shopping for your next office or gaming chair. Due to Royale Ergonomics’ commitment to quality, we source all our parts from various top suppliers and assemble them in Singapore. Our wheels, for example, are sourced directly from our manufacturer located in Taiwan.

1. Size

The size of the wheels on a gaming chair can vary significantly from anywhere between 50mm, all the way up to 75mm, in diameter. The width of each wheel also varies slightly between the various gaming chairs. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the diameter and width of the wheel, the more weight the gaming chair wheels will be able to withhold. However, one should not blindly get the gaming chair with the bigger wheels but rather choose the gaming chair and wheels which is most appropriate for your weight and height. A mismatching size of wheels on a gaming chair may cause the overall aesthetics of a gaming chair to look odd. For example, using oversized wheels on a smaller gaming chair may look like clown shoes. At Royale Ergonomics, the wheels we use on our gaming chairs are 65mm in diameter which we believe is a suitable size for gaming chairs. The relatively large size of our wheels allows our gaming chairs to hold a higher weight while not looking rather stylish and sturdy.

2. Quality

Another factor that could potentially affect the weight limit and longevity of a gaming chair would be the quality of the wheels. Poorly-made wheels using low-quality materials could severely affect the longevity of the gaming chair by decreasing its structural integrity.

The quality of the gaming chair wheels is especially important when the gaming chair will be used on a hard surface such as hardwood or marble. Using low-quality gaming chair wheels may result in the surface being damaged in the long-term. This typically happens when the entire gaming chair wheel is made using nylon. For the wheels used on Royale Ergonomics’ gaming chairs, the layer in contact with the hard surface is PU, a softer material, which makes it a much more suitable material for hard surfaces.

3. Features

Despite the simplicity of the primary goal of wheels, there is a large array of various types of wheels to serve different functions. These would include wheels with brakes, compression wheels or gliders. Depending on the application of the gaming chair, you may require different types of wheels.

Some of our fans may have noticed that there is a blue ring around the wheels of our gaming chair. The blue ring is not for decorative and design purposes but rather, serves as a protective layer between the ground and the wheels. Unlike most other brands, Royale Ergonomics delivers our gaming chairs fully assembled within Singapore at no additional charges. We took into consideration the initial feedback where the wheels were getting scuffed up during transportation and have invested in the protective covers for our gaming chair wheels. Now, our gaming chairs will be delivered to your doorstep looking absolutely brand new, with no assembly required. The blue covers can be easily removed via cutting it with scissors or by tugging the ring. However, we would recommend the former option as the latter requires some experience to do without failures.

About Royale Ergonomics

Royale Ergonomics is a Singapore-based manufacturer of office & gaming chairs. Our goal is to change the perception of gaming chairs by providing excellent quality & service and through education. We provide many significant advantages for both corporates and individuals. Below are some of the examples.

  • Automotive-grade materials. Royale Ergonomics works with Transcal PTE LTD, a company that has over 25 years of experience in automotive upholstery. They have worked with and OEM for giant automotive and aviation companies all over the world. All our materials are sourced from the best suppliers in the world. Our gaming chairs are built to last for many years even in hot and humid tropical countries. With our 5 years peel-free guarantee, you can rest assure that our gaming chairs will be a worthy investment.
  • Customizable colors & logos. Every single of our office & gaming chairs is uniquely made and co-designed by you. Mix and match between the various color choices down to the color of the stitching. Further, customize the look of your office & gaming chair by inputting an embroidered logo of your choice. Our logos are embroidered using professional machinery to ensure all the details of your logo remains crisp.
  • R&D-based ergonomics. In order to change the perception of gaming chairs, Royale Ergonomic has invested heavily in making sure that our chairs are as functional as they are aesthetically appealing. Therefore, we have co-developed our lumbar support that has been backed by studies approved by the UK government. 
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