Review of King Series Office/Gaming Chair by Theo

Review of King Series Office & Gaming Chair by Theo

Napa leather gaming chair from! Comes with a nice lumbar pillow. Feels great. Will let you know long-term results. 😁 At least this one won’t peel in 18 months like ****** ***. 😂

Five great things about Royale:

– You can customise how your gaming chair looks from their palette of colour selections
– You can have a logo or two of your choice on it
– Comes with 5-year peel-free warranty, even for PU leather!
– Superb comfort. People like me who swear by ******* *** now wised up and swear by Royale 😂
– The Singaporean owners are very serious about their products and take great pride in them.

Also, not a sponsored post. I don’t get paid for saying nice things about Royale. If you need a good gaming chair that lasts you years AND is customised to your creative tastes contact them today!

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