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Who are we?

How we started

Royale Ergonomics is founded by a pair of brothers, Sin Hong Joo & Sin Koon Leng. The opportunity occurred when a gaming chair we owned starting to experience peeling issues after a couple of years. We realized that there was a huge gap in the gaming chair industry in terms of quality. We offered gaming chair reupholstery services on various platforms and realized that the issue of poor quality upholstery on gaming chairs was a lot more prominent than we initially thought. Soon after, we decided to launch our brand Royale Ergonomics. Our goal is to be the manufacturers of the best gaming chairs in the world. Eventually, we hope to get rid of the bad reputation that gaming chairs have garnered over the past years and we plan to do that through education.


Local Delivery (Singapore)
All Royale Chairs come assembled with free delivery.

International Delivery
Royale Ergonomics currently does not ship internationally.

Warranty Policy

Peel-free & Crack-free Guarantee

1. The warranty covers the seat upholstery against any peeling and abnormal cracking under normal usage conditions for 5 years.

Upholstery Warranty
1. The proof of purchase must be presented for any claims or after-sales services.

2. The warranty covers the seat upholstery against any abnormal discoloration and unfastening of the stitches under normal usage conditions for 36 months. In the event of any claim, our liability shall be limited to repair and make good of the defective area. Due to aging, there will be slight differences in color tones and grains for such repairs.

3. Variations in the grain and presence of scar marks are normal for genuine leather and should not be constructed as a defect.

4. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidental damages, misuse or any manner of tampering including the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and cleaning cloth with abrasive texture.

5. The warranty shall be null and void if unauthorized repair, tampering, alterations or modifications is made to the product.

Other Parts Warranty

* applicable for armrest, mechanisms, chair base, hydraulics, and wheels

1. Proof of purchase must be presented for any claims and after-sales services

The warranty covers the following for a period of 36 months:

a. Missing parts upon delivery

b. Major defects in the armrest, mechanisms, chair base, hydraulics, and wheels, resulting in the inoperability of the chair.

c. A significant difference between the promised product and the delivered product.

2. For defects and missing parts upon delivery, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the product.

What material should I choose?

Our Nappa leather, PU/faux leather, and Fabric all are automotive-grade and are designed to last for a long time. However, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Nappa leather is considered by many to be an extremely luxurious material and right so. It is directly sourced from Italian tanneries and is extremely soft to the touch. This genuine leather has a property that allows it to be cooler when compared to PU/faux leather after exposure to prolonged sunlight. This will result in higher a more comfortable seating experience during long working/gaming sessions. The disadvantage of Nappa leather would be its price point. Despite our economies of scale and direct sourcing methods, Nappa leather is still a relatively expensive material compared to PU/faux leather and fabric. However, we actually believe that Nappa leather provides the most value-for-money out of our 3 material options.

2. PU/faux leather is not genuine leather but rather made to imitate the feel and look for real leather. Its main advantage lies in its price point which is relatively lower than Nappa leather. The synthetic leather we use is of automotive-grade and extremely resistant to common wear and tear problems such as peeling and cracking. Feel further at ease when purchasing from Royale Ergonomics with our 5-year peel & crack-free guarantee.

3. Fabric is the most breathable material in the list which provides the most relief from the heat. However, like both materials before, Fabric poses a disadvantage. Because of its breathability, it is also highly susceptible to getting dirty. Spills and stains will be difficult to remove and sweat will be absorbed into the material. However, the advantage of Fabric is its ability to help you keep cool at a price point which is significantly lower than Nappa leather.

Regardless of your choice, each of our material will be able to serve you well as all our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers for automotive upholstery.

Business Enquires

We are happy to work with businesses to create customise the logo and colours of our chair to reflect your company colours and brand.. If you wish to use our chairs for your office, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in the design process.

Give your office a new modern and professional look with our chairs. Wow your customers with your custom office chairs.

Return & Refund Policy

Royale Ergonomics has a no strict return or refund policy. No returns or refunds will be entertained otherwise expressed by Royale Ergonomics.


Please contact us to book an appointment for the viewing of our chairs.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 1000 – 2200
11 Recreation Lane, Singapore 546563
Mobile Number: +(65) 9062 4026

Our advantages

Royale Ergonomics offers many advantages over typical gaming chair companies. Here are some of our advantages:

  • Automotive-grade materials. Royale Ergonomics works with Transcal PTE LTD, a company that has over 25 years of experience in automotive upholstery. They have worked with and OEM for giant automotive and aviation companies all over the world. All our materials are sourced from the best suppliers in the world. Our gaming chairs are built to last for many years even in hot and humid tropical countries. With our 5 years peel-free guarantee, you can rest assure that our chairs will be a worthy investment.
  • Customizable colors & logos. Every single of our office & gaming chairs is uniquely made and co-designed by you. Mix and match between the various color choices down to the color of the stitching. Further customize the look of your office & gaming chair by inputting an embroidered logo of your choice. Our logos are embroidered using professional machinery to ensure all the details of your logo remains crisp.
  • R&D-based ergonomics. In order to change the perception of gaming chairs, Royale Ergonomic has invested heavily into making sure that our chairs are as functional as they are aestheically appealing. Therefore, we have co-developed our lumbar support that has been backed by studies approved by the UK government.

Royale's Branding

Royale Ergonomics aims to create products that are luxurious. We design and manufacture our gaming chairs to be aestheically pleasing, comfortable and elegant. The logo is designed and crafted by Shoki Lin, a Filmmaker, who has recently been nominated to represent Singapore at the pretigious Cannes Festival. The combination of the sharp edges on the R signifies Royale’s mission to ensure that every product is sturdy & durable. Although frown upon by many marketeers, we are rather relaxed about our branding, allowing our clients to change the colour of our logos or even add certain elements to it. This is to represent Royale Ergonomics’ flexibility and customisation, allowing every client to incorporate Royale’s branding into their design.

Logo Requirements


There are certain restrictions with regard to the images that can be embroidered onto the chair:

To ensure all logos are done to our customer’s requirement. Royale Ergonomics sends the final logo embroidery for approval before proceeding.

The maximum length or width of a standard logo is 8 inches. If no explicit instruction is given to us with regards to the size of the logo, we will determine the appropriate size for the customer instead.

For customers who wish to have a logo embroidered larger than 8 inches, there will be a S$35 charge to create a large field embroidery which can be up to 15 inches.

Colour & Style
Every one of our logo is embroidered to create a more premium finish versus other

methods such as printing or patch embroidery. However, embroidery does come with its limitations such as colour and image accuracy.

Therefore, the images that can be embroidered should not have any gradients or shading. They should also be limited to 9 colours and not have extremely tiny


The colour accuracy and reproduction of the image will be done on a best-effort basis. Royale Ergonomics reserves the right to reject any changes in embroidery if its within acceptable tolerance. Any changes after the logo approval will not be accepted.

Copyright & Infringements
Royale Ergonomics will not embroidered or print any copyrighted images or logo that infringes on the intellectual property of others.

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