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About Us

Royale Ergonomics was founded when a gaming chair we owned starting to peel after a year of usage. Realising that there was a huge gap in the gaming chair industry in terms of quality, we offered gaming chair reupholstery services on various platforms and realised that the issue of low-quality upholstery on gaming chairs was more prominent than initially thought. Soon after, Royale Ergonomics was created. Royale Ergonomics arms to be the manufacturers of the best gaming chairs in the world. Our long-term goal is to rid the bad reputation that gaming chairs have garnered over the past years and we plan to do that through educating consumers and providing premium products

Our Advantages

What makes us stand our from the competition is the gaming chair industry?

Corporate Office Chairs

Office Chairs are often overlooked but in fact play an integral part of establishing the overall ambience and brand identity of a corporate environment. Achieve that professional look with Royale Ergonomics.

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