Are Gaming Chairs even Worth It? Or should you spend that $500 on something else?

Are Gaming Chairs even Worth It? Or should you spend that $500 on something else?

Gaming chairs have gotten extremely bad reputations over the past few years. Many gaming chairs brands have sold rather inferior gaming chairs for a very high price, causing many to question or mock individuals who decide to purchase a gaming chair. One of the main challenges of Royale Ergonomics is overcoming this notion of gaming chairs being overpriced, low value for money items. We have done a lot to combat this belief but much more has to be done.


Many gaming chair brands claim that their gaming chairs are ergonomic and are able to provide support and comfort to alleviate back and shoulder pain. However, this is rather misleading as it is more often than not, untrue. However, a gaming chair is helps in the overall ergonomics of a gaming setup but not in the way that many gaming chair brands market their own gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs are ergonomic as most gaming chair brands provide gaming chairs that are highly adjustable. Some of the adjustments that can be made on most gaming chairs would include the hydraulic gas lift that allows the chair to go up and down. This allows you to adjust the height of the chair so that your feet can be firmly planted on the ground and your viewing angle at a slightly downward angle. A gaming chair often comes with adjustable armrest which will also help with the ergonomics of the gaming chair. The most important function of the armrest would be its ability to go up and down. The vertical adjustability of the armrests on most gaming chairs enables you to align your elbows in such a way that they are supported and parallel to the table. This will reduce the stress on your wrist and shoulders during long hours of gaming or working. Most gaming chairs also have reclining functionalities. Royale Ergonomics’ gaming chairs have all the basic adjustability and more. Our gas lift provides a good range of travel to allow for people of most heights to achieve a comfortable height for the gaming chair. Furthermore, our 4D armrests are fully adjustable, allowing you to position the armrest in an optimal and comfortable position.

Although it is not beneficial ergonomically for a chair to be reclined all the way, having the gaming chair slightly reclined with a lumbar support has been proven to improve posture.

Speaking of the lumbar support, most gaming chair brands do provide lumbar support either in-built within the gaming chair or as a separate piece. More often than not, these lumbar supports do not provide much support as they do not conform well with the shape of an individual’s spine. Furthermore, most gaming chair brands opt to use memory foam as the choice of material for their lumbar support. While it does sound premium, memory foam does not work well as support due to its softness. For something to provide support, it has to be slightly hard. This is the reason why the lumbar support developed by Royale Ergonomics much harder than the generic lumbar support. The shape of our lumbar support is also far from what most think a lumbar support looks like. We have obtained the shape of our lumbar support after countless testing and revisions.


Gaming chairs in general, do look very aesthetically appealing. The aesthetics of most gaming chair brands are often inspired by the bucket seat of race cars. The angular shape of most gaming chairs gives the gaming chair a modern vibe to it. Although rather superficial, this is often the reason why most individuals end up buying the gaming chairs. The abundance of colorways available also attracts individuals to purchase a gaming chair as they are able to match the chairs to the concept of their work station or gaming setup.

Pac Man Theme Gaming Chair and Setup

Royale Ergonomics gives you the opportunity to create a gaming chair that will match your work station or gaming setup regardless of what your theme is. One of the ways Royale Ergonomics allows you to customize your chair is by choosing the colorway of your chair. For example, just our Fabric King Series Gaming Chair alone, you are able to create over 2000 different color combinations. Furthermore, we also include two free custom logo embroidery for every purchase of our gaming chairs. This option literally provides an endless amount of customization for your gaming chair, allowing your gaming chair to suit any theme your heart desires.


The durability of gaming chairs is one of the main reasons the gaming chair industry has gotten such a bad reputation over the past few years. This is also one of the main reasons Royale Ergonomics is in the gaming chair industry as well, starting off as a reupholstery service provider for gaming chairs. Despite customers often shelling out $500 and above for a gaming chair, they do not last more than 2 years due to the low quality of upholstery used.

However, at Royale Ergonomics, we can guarantee that this will not happen. We use automotive-grade materials for all our products. If you still do not trust us, we also provide a 5-years peel free guarantee for our Faux Leather King Series Gaming Chair. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive upholstery business, working with giant automotive brands, you can rest assured that the materials used for our gaming chairs are of the best quality. Typically, an individual will spend about half of his awake time sitting. Our chairs are definitely a worthy investment as they will last you for many years to come.

Final Verdict

Is a gaming chair actually worth shelling out $500 of your hard-earned money for? It depends on which brand of gaming chair you are getting. Most gaming chairs on the market spend a bulk of their revenue on marketing rather than investing in R&D and making their gaming chairs better. In most cases, what is sold as a $500 chair can often be bought at a much lower cost somewhere else.

However, Royale Ergonomics is trying to change the perception of gaming chairs into something that is value for money. We want to make a gaming chair that is worth every single cent of your investment. We do so by providing these main benefits:

  • R&D-based ergonomics to ensure that our chairs will improve your posture during long hours of working and gaming
  • Customizable colors and logos to create a gaming chair uniquely for you. This process is extremely expensive and we believe that Royale Ergonomics is the only company in the world crazy enough to provide this service at this price for you!
  • Automotive-grade materials to ensure that the life span of your gaming chair far exceeds the industry standards. The longevity and durability of our gaming chairs make it worth your $500 investment.

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