[Announcement] The ultimate compromise – Correct Grain Genuine Leather Gaming Chair

[Release] The ultimate compromise – Corrected Grain Genuine Leather Gaming Chair

Royale Ergonomics is pleased to announce that we have released a new upholstery option for our gaming chairs. Many of our customers have struggled when making the decision between the 3 upholstery options we offered for our gaming chairs: Fabric ($489), Faux Leather ($489) and Nappa Leather ($749). Our Fabric and Faux Leather upholstery for our gaming chairs is the best option for the more budget-conscious customers while our Nappa Leather upholstery for our gaming chairs serves the more high-end customers. There leaves an unserved demographic who love the feel, quality, and smell of genuine leather but struggle to accept the price of Nappa Leather.

We present to you our new upholstery option for our gaming chairs – Corrected Grain Genuine Leather Gaming Chair.

We believe that this upholstery option for our gaming chairs is the ultimate compromise between Price & Quality. Priced at S$599, customers are now able to enjoy the premium feeling of genuine leather at a $150 lower price point compared to Nappa Leather. The price that we offer for our genuine leather gaming chair although not low, is comparable to many gaming chair companies’ faux leather gaming chairs. Other benefits that CG cowhide genuine leather has over faux leather would be its breathability. Genuine leather is slightly more breathable compared to faux leather. This is especially important in rooms without air-conditioner as the superior breathability of genuine leather will provide a higher level of comfort as an upholstery option for our gaming chair.

What is corrected-grain leather?

Corrected grain leather refers to hides that have been buffed or sanded on the grain surface in order to remove marks or imperfections. It is created by splitting a piece or pieces of full-grain leather, removing the imperfections and embossing fake grain patterns on to it.

Like all our upholstery options, the corrected grain cowhide leather is also automotive-grade. CG leather is the most common material used by us for automotive upholstery. Most parallel imported chairs, as well as mid-tier cars, utilize CG leather for their upholstery.

Rest assured that in terms of durability, all our upholstery options for our gaming chairs are very similar. The choice of upholstery comes down to personal preference and budget. Our Nappa Leather option, although the most expensive does not necessarily mean its the best material for our gaming chairs. Vice Versa, our faux leather option for our gaming chairs is not the most inferior option either. For those who are unable to make a choice on whats the best material for their gaming chair, you can read our blog post or come down to our showroom at 11 Recreation Lane, 546563.

About Royale

Royale Ergonomics is a Singapore-based manufacturer of office & gaming chairs. Our goal is to change the perception of gaming chairs by providing excellent quality & service and through education. We provide many significant advantages for both corporates and individuals. Below are some of the examples.

  • Automotive-grade materials. Royale Ergonomics works with Transcal PTE LTD, a company that has over 25 years of experience in automotive upholstery. They have worked with and OEM for giant automotive and aviation companies all over the world. All our materials are sourced from the best suppliers in the world. Our gaming chairs are built to last for many years even in hot and humid tropical countries. With our 5 years peel-free guarantee, you can rest assure that our gaming chairs will be a worthy investment.
  • Customizable colors & logos. Every single of our office & gaming chairs is uniquely made and co-designed by you. Mix and match between the various color choices down to the color of the stitching. Further, customize the look of your office & gaming chair by inputting an embroidered logo of your choice. Our logos are embroidered using professional machinery to ensure all the details of your logo remains crisp.
  • R&D-based ergonomics. In order to change the perception of gaming chairs, Royale Ergonomic has invested heavily in making sure that our chairs are as functional as they are aesthetically appealing. Therefore, we have co-developed our lumbar support that has been backed by studies approved by the UK government. 


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